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 CJDS Points of Pride


From the words of a CJDS parent, “the feeling you get each day, when you drop off and pick up knowing that your child has the opportunity to attend school there it is truly touching. There is a special feeling knowing that your child is so loved, protected, nurtured, and not to mention educated in all facets of life. I really feel that the children there at CJDS are a step ahead in life.”


• CJDS has served the Columbia community for the past twenty-six years. Currently the school serves 165 infants through fifth graders.

• CJDS is accredited by the National Association of Education for Young Children (www.naeyc.org).

• CJDS has received an AA rating, the highest offered by the state.

• CJDS is the only demonstration site for the Program for Infants and Toddlers.

• Over 95% of the students who graduate fifth grade are accepted in the gifted, talented, and advanced middle school magnet programs.

• CJDS is the only private school to have USC student teachers including USC “math buddies”.

• Immersion Hebrew has first grade children fluent in reading, writing and speaking Hebrew.

• Teacher-to-student ratios are lower than state recommendations. These include 1:4 in the infants, 1:5.5 in the toddlers, 1:7 in the twos, 1:8 in the threes and fours, and 1:9 in the kindergarten class.

• The head of school holds a Doctorate in Education, the principal’s each have a master’s degree, teachers hold a four-year degree and seventy percent of the assistant teachers have or are working on degrees

• Inquiry-based learning featuring expert projects is a focus of our academic approach. The school follows a philosophy of constructivist learning. We believe that the goal of education is for children to construct knowledge as opposed to memorize information.

• The school’s technology includes Chromebook devices for every child in the second through fifth grade, plus additional devices for other elementary classrooms.

• Warm Jewish teaching forms a positive Jewish identity, creates the beginnings of Jewish literacy, and focuses on character development.

• Excellent communication includes weekly e-newsletters from our head of school, daily sheets in our infant through two-year-old classes, and email updates in all classes.

• Your child is guided to become a mensch (an outstanding person with integrity, empathy, and kindness).

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