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Rabbi Meir and Morah Sheindal opened the school in 1992 with a small group of students. They envisioned a school that offered “profound hospitality,” a place where children felt love, success, and a high sense of self-worth in an environment that partnered with families. For nearly three decades, the school has delivered on this promise.

With second-generation students now attending the school and thousands of educators having visited it, the Cutler Jewish Day School model has inspired schools across the country. While the school has earned many accolades and accreditations, the idea of profound hospitality still sustains the daily experience at the Cutler Jewish Day School.

Our Mission

cutler jewish day school is accredited

We are accredited by the National Association of Education for Young Children www.naeyc.org).

program for infants & toddlers

We are the only demonstration site for the Program for Infants and Toddlers.

AA rating

On the South Carolina’s Quality Rating System (scores of A-D), Cutler Jewish Day scored the highest with a AA rating.

“My children received the best hands on minds on individualized education I could have asked for. The nurturing, family like community was one of the most special aspects of the school.”

Kelly S.


teacher-to-student ratios

Teacher-to-student ratios are lower than state recommendations. These include 1:4 in the infants, 1:5.5 in the toddlers, 1:7 in the twos, 1:8 in the threes and fours, and 1:9 in the kindergarten class.

advanced middle school magnet programs

Over 95% of the students who graduate fifth grade are accepted in the gifted, talented, and advanced middle school magnet programs.

technology in the classroom

The school’s technology includes Chromebook devices for every child in the second through fifth grade, plus additional devices for other elementary classrooms.

jewish teachings

Warm Jewish teaching forms a positive Jewish identity, creates the beginnings of Jewish literacy, and focuses on character development.

inquiry-based learning

Inquiry-based learning featuring expert projects is a focus of our academic approach. The school follows a philosophy of constructivist learning. We believe that the goal of education is for children to construct knowledge as opposed to memorize information.

guided to become a mensch

Your child is guided to become a mensch (an outstanding person with integrity, empathy, and kindness).

University of south carolina math

Cutler Jewish Day School is the only private school to have of USC student teachers, including USC math and social studies buddies.

immersion hebrew

Immersion Hebrew has first grade children fluent in reading, writing and speaking Hebrew.

doctorate in education

The head of school holds a Doctorate in Education, the principals each have master’s degrees, teachers hold four-year degrees and 70 percent of the assistant teachers have or are working on degrees.

excellent communication

Excellent communication includes weekly e-newsletters from our head of school, daily sheets in our infant through two-year-old classes, and email updates in all classes.

“My kids have been at this school for a few years and we LOVE it; I’ve never seen a better one. Rabbi is the most gracious man I’ve ever met and every one of the staff is precious to us. I’m particularly impressed with their accommodations and love for my special needs children.”

Joy C.


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